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22 May 2010 @ 09:59 pm
Hilcrhyme's new single ルーズリーフ (Looseleaf) is out full on youtube! I was waiting for this song for like.. ever. :D 
Ever since i watched Yankeekun to Meganechan ;D 
Anyway i downloaded it! and I thought i'd share it with you guys ^______^ 
The Link's below the picture ;D
Comments would be nice.. but not necessary ;D 

Hilcrhyme - Loose Leaf.mp3
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01 April 2010 @ 12:56 am
 Does anyone know the website MyLifeisAverage? 
their stuff is hilarious :) 

here's some that i found extremely funny XD

Today I found out that male bats have the highest rate of homosexuality of any mammal. It's makes me wonder about Batman. MLIA

Today on facebook I found a quote I will use for the rest of my life "Children in the dark cause accidents, accidents in the dark cause children" MLIA

Today, I saw a police officer pull over a Krispy Kreme donut truck. MLIA

Today, I went skiing and while riding the lift, I noticed the couple on the chair ahead of me were vividly making out. They were on chair 69. I laughed. MLIA

I'm going to name my future child Stacy. I will be Stacy's mom. And I will have it going on. MLIA

Today at lunch I witnessed two students revving up for a high five. Just as they were about to make contact a poor innocent freshman walks in between them and get smacked on both sides of the face at the same time. MADE. MY. DAY. MLIA

Today, I realized that if you say "My life is average" really fast, it sounds like you're saying "My life is a fridge." MLIA

A few years ago I cut my hair and donated it to Locks of Love, which makes wigs out of real hair and gives them to kids who have lost their hair due to illness. Today I realized that somewhere in the world, there is a person besides me wearing my hair.I found this rather creepy. They had better not leave my DNA on any crime scenes. MLIA

and my favourite this week:
The other day in English, the topic of abuse came up during discussion and we were talking about how its not right to spank children and my teacher asked is it ever right for someone to spank their husband/wife. I fell out of my desk. She didn't realize and then she went RED! She stuttered "I mean hit, not spank, don't answer that, oh please, god please don't answer that!" Made my day. MLIA

hehe, i could read this stuff all day XD 
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29 March 2010 @ 12:29 am
So, i doubt people still read this, but here's an update anyways.
don't want to be too far from the fandom now do i :)
so, spring break this week! finally... we get it later then everyone else, how sad ):
I've spent the last few days of spring break watching....*drumrooollll*
DRAMA... oh how surprising.
Code Blue to be specific. It was always on my to watch list, but i didn't get to it until now.
and oh my god. its. so. epic. i should've watched it earlier... or later, when all of season 2 came out. 
im DYING rite now.... the wait for subs is soooo long =____=

About the characters, Yamapi, who plays Aizawa, this really cool and smart trainee flight doctor, is really growing on me. 
Yamapi's usually always over-rated (forgive me for saying that), because he's just too popular, but i'm really loving him now. 
Aragaki Yui is soo cute. i really wish i was pretty. -sigh- oh well, no use wishing for the impossible :D 
Toda Erika... i love her. in a non-homosexual way. she's also really pretty..
Asari Yosuke, i never really knew him before.. but he's so funny! and a real comedic relief character sometimes :)
after i've watched CB, disease is so much scarier, surgery is so much more of a reality. 
soo many people are probably getting surgery right now, and i wouldnt even know how much pain they or their family might be going through. 

anyway, i went to the Seattle Outlet today.. it was fun. but really windy. 
i bought new shoes~~ theyre purple.. and pink... and white. XD

that's it for noww :) 
Jya ne, 
An ~
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28 February 2010 @ 11:09 pm
WELL. IM MAD. SO IM GONNA SPAZZ. though i doubt anyone's gonna read this, i HAVE to say this.

I'm getting PISSED OFF at these Korean's that only care about Yu-Na Kim. 
i mean, she's GREAT and i love her too. but is there really need to say that Asada Mao "SUCKS" or is "TERRIBAD" (?)
I'm Canadian and on facebook, (because most of my friends are Koreans) EVERYONE has been cheering for Yuna and Joannie and they're bashing Asada. REALLY?! IS THAT REALLY NECESSARY?
i really want to yell at them. forgive me, but i have had ENOUGH of it. both are GREAT. they should accept that!
Asada had amazing triple axels, and Yuna had a better overall performance! but noooo. people are swearing off at Asada. 
What is it with these people? were they relieved that Yuna won and just wanted to show off by saying that Asada sucked? I don't get it!

Asada worked her BUTT OFF at the Olympics, and she was crying her eyes out (which she really didn't have to, cause she did GREAT) because she made a few little mistakes!
that enormous amount of PRESSURE. Do ANY of these people understand that?
i SWEAR TO GOD, if those people were in Asada's position, they would've cracked!
Who do you think made Yu-Na so great?! ASADA. without her being there to be her competitor, Yuna wouldn't have had to work so hard. 
and she would've never been able to pull off that perfect performance!
Why can't everyone just support both of them? i absolutely LOVED both of their performances and am fans of both! 

Really? Asada sucks? well you know what? i dare YOU to try a triple axel. oh wait. not just one. THREE. DO IT. 
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24 January 2010 @ 09:15 pm
how was your birthday? mine was great :) 
i felt like i was celebrating for you. i got cake and everything xD 
it's great to have the same birthday isn't it?
oh and yeah. Happy Birthday to Mikako Tabe and Alicia Keys too xD
so many people were being born on the 25th makes me feel special somehow 
which celebrities have the same birthday as you guys  girls? i keep calling people guys, i should stop D;
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09 January 2010 @ 03:48 pm

I just finished movie 13 of DC ...and im so EXTREMELY excited for the 14th installment. THE LOST SHIP IN THE SKY :) 
Kaito Kid! <3 is it wrong to think an anime character is extrememly hot? lol; maybe its just his voice. props to the seiyuu!
He's just showing up so much more in DC than he used to. they should definately make an anime for Magic Kaito.
then we could all drool at his hotness :)

DC just gets so interesting doesnt it? Now that the animations are better than the old ones from 14 years ago, it's so exciting to watch! 
The only thing that gets on my nerves is Mouri's voice... im getting used to it, but there just isnt that KABAM that the old voice had. 
you know i mean? lol;; 

That picture on the poster! Kaito + Ran = ??? i sure hope its no L-O-V-E . Though i doubt it is. Kaito has Aoko and Ran has Shinichi. 
The closeness is a question though. Whats happening between them?
maybe a plot to make Aoko and Shinichi jealous perhaps? i certainly hope so :D

man, DC has over 560 episodes now. it just gets me so excited, thinking of what could come next ^^ 
you gotta give it to the story writers, must be hard to write over 300 cases and make sure none of them repeat. 
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10 November 2009 @ 10:41 pm

*___* i love him...
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30 August 2009 @ 10:25 pm
my picture timeline..YAY! Collapse )

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21 August 2009 @ 10:15 pm

ON (semi) - HIATUS :)
I'll still be around....maybe ;p
but im gonna be surrounding myself with Detective Conan =D
(i'm a mystery otaku you see)
and since there are so many episodes in DC ...you may not see me in a while^^
plus, i may just read the stories of Holmes after =) ...and school started so ...... = =

See you on the other side girlies<3
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14 August 2009 @ 09:35 pm
一起来看流星雨,yi qi lai kan liu xing yu.
or Let's go watch the Meteor Shower.
I'm surprised that it's only based on the characters tho. The story seems different. (as in, not so much of a love story, more of a "chasing after your dreams" story)
and it's from Hunan TV (for those who don't know, Hunan is a place in mainland China) so im hoping it'll be better then the Taiwanese one (because to be honest, that version was a load of crap. imo) <---dont kill me^^
Im gonna try it =)
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